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Above Blue Suites
Imerovigli - Santorini

Above Blue Suites represents a new concept of sanctuary where ten suites perched in the highest point of the stiff cliffs, facing the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, combine harmonically the unique architecture of the famous Santorinian caves, with the sophisticated luxury and the particular decoration, offering generously a truly romantic atmosphere.
Welcome to Above Blue Suites - Above Blue Suites

Welcome to Above Blue Suites

Make it Exceptional

Hospitality reaches new heights at Santorini’s latest landmark; a top-notch cluster of uber elegant suites scattered on a steep rocky slope of the island’s famous Caldera, subtly linked with luring steps to form a delightful hamlet.

The ten individually designed colour-coded suites, complemented by a secluded exclusive villa, are housed in some of the island’s immaculately restored signature caves and exude a feeling of intimacy, exclusive luxury and local allure, while ideally bridging the awe-inspiring sleeping volcano with romantic sunsets.


the amazing caldera view

Befitting its location and true to its name, Above Blue is a careful balance of elegant sophistication and raw natural beauty, of local architecture and contemporary cool; a masterpiece of elegantly refined tradition, a supreme all-suite sanctuary for the senses, inviting you to share a heavenly, once-in-a-lifetime experience while marvelling at the world’s most fascinating sunsets.

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Discover our amazing suites

Luxury suites & villa
20 m²    2 persons    1 Queen size bed
caldera view , outdoor private hot tub
Our Suites
28 m²    3 persons    1 Queen Size bed
caldera view , outdoor private hot tub
Our Suites
130 m²    4 persons  1 King size bed + 1 Queen size bed
caldera view, outdoor private pool
Our Suites
Azur Cave Bar
Indulge under the sun in the Azur Cave Bar and poolside lounge with a refreshing cocktail in hand. The inviting bar with its charming sun loungers by the captivating swimming pool is ideal for socialising while enjoying the incredible sea views and the island’s famous...
Honeymoon Packages
To add value and allure to your precious Honeymoon or turn your oath renewals and anniversaries into magical romantic experiences, choose among five different packages and live your dream to the fullest....
Massage & Beauty Therapies
Enjoy the relaxing and nourishing massage and beauty therapies and treatments provided by Above Blue Suites…...
Fine Dining - Above Blue Suites
Fine Dining

an unforgettable culinary experience

The soft lighting and shadows, created by the flickering light of the candles, in the dramatic backdrop of spectacular volcanic beauty is the ideal setting for an unforgettable culinary experience. Enjoy the splendour of seductive local flavors and taste a blend of delectable traditional specialties from the tranquility of your suite’s balcony, taking full advantage of this sophisticated lifestyle oasis for couples in love.

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